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We are passionate about promoting social justice.

Our mandate is to reach out to practically serve those who are marginalised, discriminated against and who would otherwise be forgotten.

Through our training centre in Ootacamund we can:

  • Provide after school study facilities for children who would otherwise not have a suitable or safe place to do their homework

  • Provide tuition for students who have failed their government exams or dropped out of school for social or financial reasons.

  • Offer IT training for free or significantly reduced fees 

Our field workers actively identify child labourers and other children at risk of dropping out of school.  We can work with their families to overcome barriers to education.  We can directly support young people and their families financially and provide uniforms, pens and school books.  We are also supporting and funding four early child development centres serving tribal communities in South India.

We serve remote and deprived communities by running annual basic health-check clinics and we are raising funds to purchase an ambulance to enable the elderly and sick to access government provided hospitals.


Sponsor a child from just £10 per month.  Your gift will keep a disadvantaged child in school, enabling them to fulfill their potential.


Help those in the most need to get access to the emergency care they need.  Your gift will help us provide an ambulance to serve remote communities.

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