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We are a Christian charity dedicated to Gospel promotion, social upliftment of the disadvantaged and fighting for justice for minorities.

Founded in 2007 and registered in both the UK and India.

Our objectives:

1) To practically serve people in poverty, especially those who would otherwise be neglected
2) To provide opportunities for education for those who would otherwise not be able to engage in it
3) To support and encourage local churches, especially in areas where Christians are isolated or persecuted
4) To introduce people to Jesus and help them to grow in their faith, particularly in areas where there are no churches to do this

Dr Kerry Hi-Res.jpg
Robbie Kerry

Consultant anaesthetist, based in the UK.  Charity chairman and medical advisor.


Teacher, evangelist and project manager based in South India.  Coordinates all operations in India.

Peter Jordan

Civil servant based in the UK.  Charity trustee and newsletter editor.

Steve Wicking

Policy advisor based in the UK.  Charity trustee and policy guru.

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